CBD Seems To Be Everywhere

You know when you buy a car and then you see the same make, model and color vehicle everywhere?  Well, that’s how it seems with CBD lately.

I wrote this post after being tagged on a Facebook post by my friend, Annette, to an article that recently appeared in the New York Times.  I feel it is worth posting here.  It is directed toward both buyers, sellers and future sellers of CBD.

I truly believe in it and my products! As more and more people and corporations are getting on the bandwagon of selling CBD, I just want to give a little advice.

Like other products in the past few years, take matcha as an example, many websites are appearing with people selling 250, 500, 1000mg of CBD oil in dropper bottles. All I can say is, let the buyer beware.

Know your source. If it is your first time buying from them ask for the test results. If they can’t supply it, enough said.

If you think you’re going to buy $1000 worth of product and make a million put your money under your pillow.

I’ve already had competitors contacting me asking if I want to buy their inventory. People who thought they were going to get rich quick are losing their kids’ college funds, or their own, already.

I ask a few questions and I have yet to buy anyone out. Why? Because their inventory is old.

If you find a website and it is difficult to get in touch with the company, move on. We pick up the phone here, email or call you back. I have several people who call me often. I’m happy to help them even though I now have thousands of customers.

It is a cut throat business. Competitors will throw you under the bus. I’ve picked up the phone and called several of them after they have. They’re shocked to be called out on bad behavior.

Many of the items, such as gummies and oils have become commodities. If you’re going into business by buying some for resale, I hope you already have it sold.

We are constantly growing our product line and big announcements are coming soon.

Oh and yes, it really does help Teddy and his anxiety!

Here’s a link to the New York Times article.