Selling Good CBD Isn’t Easy!

Boy!  Has it been rough!

We started selling high quality CBD at the very end of 2017.

We set up our website and bank accounts.  We set up accounts on amazon and eBay.

Little did we know the tumultuous year we would have!

First, we couldn’t even open a business bank account at our local Bank of America branch.  Absolutely no to CBD!

Then, after a few months, Stripe, the credit card clearing system most Shopify shut us down, we could no longer accept credit cards through them.  Finding a Merchant Services bank willing to clear cards for a CBD business was a futile cause.

So we were just taking payments through PayPal until recently when they shut all of our accounts, business and personal, after many, many years of being a perfect customer.

”This is nuts!” our founder and head, Barbara Frerichs kept saying.  After all, we had many happy customers, no complaints and ZERO chargebacks.

We lost many customers.  We’ve dealt with unscrupulous competitors, even called a few of them out on their behavior directly.