Exfoliating & Rejuvenating CBD Lip Scrub - MRCeuticals - Light Raspberry Flavor - Purest Ingredients - Infused with 50mg of Pure USA Hemp Oil - Organic Raw Sugar - Essential Oils - .5 ounce - Nothing Artificial - No Artificial Colors or Flavors

Gently Exfoliate with Our Rejuvenating CBD Lip Scrub - Well Life - Light Raspberry Flavor - Purest Ingredients - Infused with 50mg of Pure USA Hemp Oil

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  • LEAVES YOUR LIPS SOFT AND SUPPLE - With regular use, this luscious lip scrub will smooth your lips and reduce or help prevent those fine lines around your mouth.
  • STOP IGNORING YOUR LIP CARE - We ignore our poor lips so much! We only use lip balm or lip stick to protect them. They, and the areas around them, also need a bit of care. Use this once a week or more and you will see the difference. The scent and flavor are heavenly and will last, each time you take a breath after use you will feel refreshed and even a bit relaxed, putting a great smile on your lips.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Only the purest of ingredients are used in our lip scrub. Pure Kentucky Hemp Oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Safflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil. Raspberry Extract. Each carefully chosen to give you the best experience, particularly if you've never used a lip scrub before. The fineness of our Organic Raw Cane Sugar gives you a spa experience at home.
  • HEMP INFUSED - More and more studies keep coming touting the benefits of Hemp Oil. Studies now show that it has anti-aging and wrinkle reducing properties. That's why we've put it in our luscious lip scrub!
  • INGREDIENTS - Beeswax, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, CBD Hemp Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Lanolin, Pure Raspberry Extract, Canola Oil

All of our products have been tested by a certified laboratory in the United States.  Every product contains 0.3% or less THC.  All tests are available upon request.